Class ParticleType

All Implemented Interfaces:
ByteBufReader<Particle>, ByteBufWriter<Particle>

public class ParticleType extends DynamicType<Particle>
  • Constructor Details

    • ParticleType

      public ParticleType()
  • Method Details

    • write

      public void write(io.netty.buffer.ByteBuf buffer, Particle object)
      Description copied from interface: ByteBufWriter
      Writes an object to a type to a ByteBuf.
      buffer - buffer to write to
      object - value to write
    • read

      public Particle read(io.netty.buffer.ByteBuf buffer)
      Description copied from interface: ByteBufReader
      Reads a value from a ByteBuf.
      buffer - buffer to read from
      type based on the class type
    • mappings

      protected FullMappings mappings(Protocol<?,?,?,?> protocol)
      Specified by:
      mappings in class DynamicType<Particle>
    • itemHandler

      public static DynamicType.DataReader<Particle> itemHandler(Type<Item> itemType)